Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sore, aching muscles!!!

But that is what I get from trying to clean the whole messy garage in just one day. I got halfway done cleaning said garage yesterday and wished I had taken a "before" picture so that I could proudly post my "after" picture. It really was super duper clean and almost empty...until we moved all the stuff for the garage sale BACK INTO the garage for safe keeping until said sale next Saturday. So it is full of stuff again, but at least it is CLEAN underneath all the stuff and by Saturday night, it will ALL be gone. What doesn't sell will go to Goodwill! (a charity that accepts household goods). It feels good to get that accomplished, tho I have about three boxes here in my computer room that now need to be gone through, but I can do that at my leisure next week.

I'm still in my rabid cleaning and purging mode, as you can tell. A bit of a success that I can share, I got four pieces of stitching "framed". Actually two of them, the old birthsamplers I did for my oldest daughters are now mounted neatly into scrapbook protectors so they can be inserted into their scrapbooks. Here's some pix:

I'm reading a book at the moment I can't seem to put down. My mom found it at the library and said it was excellent. Then my dad read it and said he couldn't put it down. I started it this afternoon and am about half done so's called Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky...about a Knitter, from a family of knitters, who has a baby that changes her family forever. What a good read, when she get's stressed, she knits. I think that Ms. Delinsky must be a knitter/stitcher!!! I highly recommend this book!

Have a great week!!

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