Monday, May 21, 2007

Tour my Garden!

I was inspired by another blogger who had given us a tour of her flower garden, so I thought I would do the same and share with you some of the flowers I have in bloom right now in my garden. I won't try and show them all to you, you'd get bored and Blogger would probably freeze up with all the pictures!!!

Let's begin with this beautiful lavender rhododendron...(The state flower of Washington). Were you aware that rhody's bloom in order of color? For instance the light pinks normally are through flowering before the darker colors (red and purple) have flowered. This rhody has alot of sentimental meaning for me, as my father started it from one of his rhody's at our old family home in another town.
Now, we go around to the south side of my house, and my dogwood tree has been very full of blossoms this year. This is the first year it has really bloomed this well, as it is only a few years old. As to the variety, I have no clue. I have four different varieties of dogwood in my yard, this one is the prettiest this year.
Also on the south side of the house is where I have most of my irises. This is actually a deeper purple in real life, it did not photograph well. This one was also a start from my father's garden.
In the front of the house next to the driveway I have a red hot poker plant. This is only about three years old, and grows like a weed. I cut it way down to the bottom of the plant in early spring (about two months ago) and it is already blooming this well!And here is my first rose of the season, a small old fashioned tree rose that climbs a trellis next to my front window. It blooms all summer long as long as I trim off the old blooms.

Hope you've enjoyed my quick tour!

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Von said...

Thanks for the tour, Connie! Your garden always looks so nice. I did a little online gardening today and should have some nice plants to add to my garden soon. :)