Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pictures of Maui

I have finally gotten my pictures downloaded onto my computer and have begun sorting through them. I mostly took movies this trip, so I don't have a lot of REALLY good still photos to share...but here are some highlights...

First picture is myself in front of the Io Needle..a beautiful place, with a grim history. I think I have talked about already that this is the valley where King Kamehameha slaughtered many of the island natives in his quest to become King of all the Hawaiian islands. Sort of a sobering place, but very pretty.

The next picture is of John (my DH) walking in front of a strange lava formation called the Dragon's Teeth. The wind was blowing about 45 miles per hour that day, so we were having a hard time even standing up straight.

The next picture was taken at the top of the 10,000 foot Haleakala volcano. Kind of strange to be able to DRIVE up that high within a matter of 1/2 hour. It was beautiful, above the clouds, and very, very COLD! Our car thermometer registered about 36 degrees at the top. A little bit later at the bottom it was 85 degrees again!!!

I have also posted here a picture taken in the grocery store...notice the gallon of milk for $7.75 (this was the cheapest we saw for milk) and the gallon of orange juice for over $9.00. We saw bread at nearly $5.00 a loaf. I am not quite sure how people who live on Maui manage to feed their kids nutritious foods. It's one thing for the luxuries to be expensive (i.e., ice cream at over $8.00 per half gallon), but quite a shock to see basic necessities be so expensive.

I will close this post with a picture taken at sunset of the beach and condo (far right, first floor) we stayed in. I took a huge amount of photos this trip of the sunsets...all of them were glorious!

I will post a picture of the tiny bit of stitching I accomplished on the trip this evening! I still need to get it scanned...


Missy said...

Gorgeous photos.

Grocery prices are about 1 or 2 $ higher here on Saipan, and gas is currently at $3.40 a gallon. Such a shame since the minimum wage here is only $3.05/hr.

We buy boxed milk from New Zealand and make our own bread.

: )

Von said...

Love seeing your photos Connie! So glad you had such a great time!!

I think I'd have a goat for milk and definitely bake my bread if I lived there. :)

Getting ready to shut down to do the last minute stuff before leaving at 4:30 a.m. ugh. Gary is taking his computer so I'll check my email now and then but not planning to read any blogs. Really looking forward to some sunshine and fun!

Lavender Rose said...

Connie, That Dragon's Teeth is amazing! I can't believe how much the rock looks like teeth!! Yikes!