Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Aloha, Mahalo Maui

It's almost time to head for home, tomorrow, Wednesday, to be exact. This has been the best trip we have had to the islands, and while we hate to say goodbye to Maui for this year, we are about ready to be back on our turf and sleeping in our beds again. The condo has been ideally situated for lots of playing in the ocean and laying in the sun, and we have taken full advantage of it. That's all we have been doing today, playing in the surf and laying in the sun, and now, drinking iced mochas in the internet cafe!

We saw whales up close, drove to the top of the 10,000 foot volcano, shopped till we were ready to drop and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I'll have some pictures to post on Thursday evening!

So, Maui, thank you (Mahalo) for the wonderful week. We are already looking forward to coming again next time. Aloha nui loa! (very much love)


Von said...

Ahhhh, sounds like paradise, Connie!

Lavender Rose said...

You're really learning the language, Connie! Can't wait to see your pics.