Sunday, April 08, 2007

It's been a busy two weeks!

The last two weeks have been very full and busy. Last weekend my dear friend Von came over from Kennewick (other side of the State), and we had a wonderful time visiting and getting caught up with everything. If you are interested in hearing about the weekend, please see Von's blog...she gave such a great run down of all we did, that I don't need to repeat it all here. I will say though that I had a marvelous time with her, as I always do. Thanks for being such a long time friend and stitching buddy Von! I believe we have been friends for nearly 30 years, as we knew each other before we were married! We were married within a month of each other, had our first baby within 2 months of each other, and now we are enjoying being new grandma's together, tho she beat me in that department by a couple of years!!!

So as you can see by the picture, the saga of the leaking shower continues. I took a picture of the lovely hole in my living room ceiling...John spent alot of time last weekend installing the new parts and it still leaks. He says that's what you get when you use free labor!!! LOL! I am not sure what he plans on doing now.

I am also sharing a picture of Catch the Wind since I framed it. I think it turned out pretty well for a do-it-yourself project. Von asked me if I had put spacers between the fabric and the glass...oops, no! I need to fix that soon!

It's been a great Easter Sunday here...even tho it rained and we had to have the egg hunt indoors for the little ones. They seemed to love it in spite of being inside. My whole family, except one sister, came to my parents home for dinner, and we exchanged birthday gifts for all the winter and spring birthdays in the family (let me tell you, it was like Christmas all over again!), then had the egg hunt. We were all amazed that Alana (17 months) picked up so quickly the jist of the game, and she filled her basket to overflowing with very little help! It was so fun!

I was out nearly every evening and most of the day Saturday this last week shopping for things we needed for our trip to Hawaii. I hope that I have everything under control. We just need to get it all into the suitcases now! We leave very early Wednesday the 11th! Woo hoo! I tried to find some Hawaiian music code to have playing as you read this, but everything I found sounded pretty dorky. My favorite site for music was down today. Oh well. At this point, you can start humming Aloha Oe, Aloha Oe....dum dum dum, etc. Then you can still be in the mood!!! Grin.

Tomorrow, Monday is Amy Sue's 25th birthday. We will have them over for dinner and gifts and cheesecake tomorrow evening. Birthday cakes are becoming a thing of the past in this family...most everyone would rather eat cheesecake!! Tuesday we pack, and then I will be gone for 8 days...I leave you with a picture of the view from our balcony at the condo. You can see the island of Lanai in the distant background. Aloha everyone!!!


Von said...

Oh, no! The leak didn't get fixed! :( Hope it does on the next go 'round, or maybe you'll call in a plumber? They're expensive, but sometimes it's worth it.

Give hugs to everyone for me, especially Amy, as you all celebrate her birthday tonight!

Linda litlaskvis said...

Catch the Wind is beautiful! I hope you don't have too much trouble with that leak :-/

Lavender Rose said...

Oh, my gosh, Connie!!! Have a great trip. I hope you find a really good stitching shop and enjoy your visit and flights, etc., and don't forget to write us, and keep notes for us and take pics, etc... Love and hugs..I'll miss hearing from you!
Deb in FL