Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

I wish I had something exciting to write about. I wish I had some wonderful new pictures to share. But....Lizzie loves to take pictures on my camera and now the batteries are dead. So I have no new pictures to share today. So what is going on here at the Dunton household?

We have a hole in our living room ceiling where John is trying fix a plumbing leak from the shower upstairs. Let me tell you, it looks lovely!! (SNORT!) Thank the Lord for a husband who can fix these things without having to hire a plumber. We spent $23.00 at Lowes for the parts...hope that will do it. It was leaking so bad, that you can stand downstairs under the shower and get a shower too!!! Wish I had a picture...

I've been busy working on a couple new designs this weekend. I am getting more comfortable designing on the computer and not by needle. It certainly is much faster. I have a large one now passed off to Amy for stitching, and another good size piece that just needs some tweaking...the edges aren't lining up just right, but an hour or less of fiddling and it should be ready to stitch also. I REALLY love this new piece. This one will be called Quaker Alphabet I think.

The trees and flowers are finally in full glorious bloom here in Western certainly LOOKS like spring around here. It has been so cool and rainy though, I haven't spent any time outside enjoying the flowers. I hope it warms up soon, I am itching to get outside and work in my gardens! John and I took the chain saw to the wysteria and hot red poker plants last weekend and really cut them back big time. They always look so much better with their new growth, and the blooms are nicer too. They look a little butchered right at the moment though!!!

Only 16 days until we leave for Maui! And on that note, I will close with a few of my favorite pictures from our trip to Maui last time (18 months ago). Have a great week!


Von said...

I'm soooo sorry you guys are having water problems. Leaks and water damage are awful!

It's kinda soggy over here so I'm not wanting to get out in the yard - but if the sun came out for a bit, I could be enticed. :)

Can't wait till Friday!

Sew-in-Love said...

Ugh, your shower problem sounds grim! Have you got it all fixed now?

tkdchick said...

Wow Maui looks heavenly!!