Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It was a Happy B-day!

I had a very nice birthday today! I slept in a bit this morning, then stitched for awhile. I finished up the Shepherd's Bush ornament, Wisemen Came...and played with my granddaughter for a while...it was fun to spend a longer time with her as I haven't been able to do more than see her for a few minutes each morning before I leave for work. She is really changing, growing up!

This afternoon I went to an antique mall that I hadn't been to in ages and found a great little five drawer cabinet for my stitching room. It has just finger holes for the drawers, so I am going to go see if I can find some pretty ceramic drawer pulls for it. Then this evening the whole family joined us at Olive Garden for dinner...all 10 of us including my parents. We had a great time...the wait staff even brought me out a little birthday cake with a candle and sang Happy Birthday to me. Such fun...here is a picture of Alana and Allison and Christopher.

And as I promised a picture of Wisemen Came...I also attached the charms to the first three SB ornaments, so I took new pictures of those too. Blogger won't let me upload all three pictures of those first three ornaments, so I will try and get the last one done tomorrow! Lots of pictures today. It was a very good day...but back to work tomorrow!!!


Von said...

So glad you had such a great birthday, Connie!

The charms look so good on the SB ornies. Be sure to post a pic of your new cabinet as soon as you can. I'm anxious to see it. :D

Rachael said...

Your SB ornies are wonderful - but of course Alana is the cutest "ornament" af all.

AnneS said...

Sorry I missed your birthday (I'm 2 months behind on blog reading hmmm) - looks like you had a nice one :) And our SB ornies look stunning :D