Saturday, April 15, 2006

Stash Report, Part 2

I realized this afternoon it was time for another installment of my stash report from the Northwest Stitcher's gathering a couple weeks here we go!!!

In the first picture I have a nifty little thing called a Tacky Bob (Box fOr Beads). It is an acrylic box with a tacky surface on the inside that you can pour beads onto, and it holds them in place until you pick them up with your needle...very cool. It shuts tight so it can travel, and even has a magnetic needle holder inside. Then I got a couple of snow flake glass treasures by Mill Hill, and two Caron Waterlilies, one called Fir, and one called Slate. I also found some metal snowflakes at the paper store that are intended for scrapbooking, but I plan on using them in stitching!!! In the second picture are my Victoria Sampler goodies, Summer Garden Sampler, Spring Garden Sampler, with Acc Pac, and the Washington Heart of America...

I stil have several more pictures to share, so I will upload those in a day or two...We are leaving Friday morning for Disneyland (Horray!), and will be in California for 8 days, so I won't be able to post anything for over a week...I'll try and have the stash report done before we leave!

We have nasty yucky weather today in Western Washington, rainy, windy and cold..I am sure that it has put the real kabosh on all the planned community Easter Egg hunts today. But I remember it did the same thing last year the day before Easter. My whole extended family will be meeting at my mom and dad's house for dinner and birthday celebrations for all the winter and spring birthdays in the family. 9 of them I think. Then the next two weeks I am on vacation from work...I am taking a 2 day college course in using Microsoft Access on Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday is the annual doctor visits (body and eyes) and then Thursday we pack to leave early Friday! Even tho it's vacation, it will still be a busy week!

Happy Resurrection Day everyone!


Von said...

Hi Con! Love seeing your stash again, lol! Can't wait until we all get together again. :)
You sure do have a busy week ahead of you. Then vacation, yay!! I hope the weather is really great for you guys and you have a wonderful time!

AnneS said...

What a wonderful pile of stash that one is - I love everything in it! I've just been bidding up a storm on Ebay for some of Thea's charts locally - I just love them :) And I'd never seen a Tacky Bob until Carol sent me one - they're amazing, and every beading stitcher should definitely have one! Hope you have a wonderful Easter celebration with all the family - sounds like it will be a wonderful day :) Can't wait for the next piccie ... ;P