Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Stash Report, part 1

Well, it's time to give a stash report on everything that I found while on my Northwest Stitcher's Get Away last week. I have lots of pictures, so thought I would just do a couple each post. I can draw out the suspense that way!! HA!

So my first picture is my Lizzie Kate findings. I am not normally a huge Lizzie Kate fan, but I found these Snippet designs to be very cute and small, in other words, quick to stitch!!! They include Bless the Baby, Cross Stitcher in Residence, Follow Your Heart, First Christmas, Life's a Stitch, and a pattern pack called Tiny Tidings VI (Christmas designs). I thought these were sweet, and I am looking forward especially stitching Life's a Stitch, and Cross Stitcher in Residence for my stitching corner!!!

Then I found some small Just Nan pieces...Heartfelt (for Whimsey Frames), Garden Maze, Porcelain Nosegay, and Snow Faces, Ice Garden and Small Delights. I also picked up a Whimsey Frame to go with the Snow Faces pattern. I plan to do that one for my niece for Christmas, as she collects snowmen.

So that is all this time...I have much more to share! I have also finally gotten some of my unframed projects framed, so I will get pictures of those posted soon too!


Von said...

You bought some nice things there, Connie! Nice, small things, lol!
Are you on the Silkweaver email list? I almost went off the stash wagon and ordered some linen that they're getting rid of - cashel! 18x27 for $12. But I knew Gary wouldn't be happy. There will always be another sale. :D

Amy Sue said...

you should give it to her for her birthday, that way she has it for the Christmas season this year! I love you!

AnneS said...

What an awesome bundle of charts - those L*K and JN ones are adorable! Great haul :D

Judith said...

Just found your blog. You have stitched some very nice things and you have bought some nice stash.