Monday, January 09, 2006

So, I discovered that I have internet access here at my computer class in San Diego. Hurray!Now I can keep in touch with everyone.

I put a few stitches in SB#2 on the plane. I don't think I like the color, the pink in the angel dress seems much too bright. I may redo it with a blended needle. Can't remember the thread numbers, the pattern is at the hotel.

It is warm here today in SD. Such an odd feeling going from 40 degrees to almost 80 in one day. I have Bird of Paradise flowering outside my hotel window. It feels so strange. The class is going well, nothing too demanding yet. Had lunch with a couple of gals from Glendale. Figured out that there are two Needlework Shops within 10 minutes of here, I hope to get to them soon! I'll keep you posted on how things are going now that I know I can keep in contact.

Break's over, time for class again! More soon!


Von said...

Yay!! I thought they might be forward-thinking down there and have internet available :)
I had the same thought about that pink color in #2. I've gone ahead with most of the rest of the design and think I'm going to pull out the pink and replace it with something a little dustier. Actually I might just use the raspberry color from the vine - I'm using DMC 3726. Easy since it's already in my project box, lol!
Hope you have fun, learn lots, and get to the LNS!!

AnneS said...

Two stores to visit - woohoo, sounds like heaven! Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself ... and have internet access :)