Saturday, January 21, 2006

Silk Ribbons

My daughter, Amy, and I are stitching a piece called "My Child's Heart" for my granddaughter, Alana, and I have reached the row where I am going to put in some silk ribbon flowers. I sat down and started stitching, and we realized that the ribbons I had were much to vibrant for the muted sampler. So I went on a hunting expedition this week, trying to find silk ribbons in the muted colors I needed. Not much luck, the stores in this town don't seem to care about silk ribbon embroidery. I bought a couple of kits, even, thinking I may be able to pilfer the ribbons for this project. But I am not sure I have enough of what I need. I plan on sitting down today and then we shall see!

I am so proud of my daughter Amy! After being a regular reader here on my blog, she has decided, quite on her own, to start her own blog. So I would like to introduce "Diaper Days" (see the link at the top of the list at the right. Good job Amy! I hope that many of you will drop in and see her. She is craving some child-rearing advice right now I think!!!

I have sat down several times this week to stitch, and it seems that life keeps getting in the way! I am not making progress on anything. Does anyone else find this irritating? Or is it just me? I always have such good intentions!!

Here is a scan of a my partly finished SB ornament in the Just Cross Stitch series. I had hoped it would be happy dance for the week, but maybe next week!!

We have broken the record here in my home town for consecutive days of rain. I have lost count, but I think we are at over 30 now. Maybe I should start stitching some spring designs!!! LOL!


Von said...

Hi Con! Good to see you posting again! It does get very discouraging when life interferes with the way in which we choose to spend our time!! Guess God is the one who arranges those things and He knows better :)
I checked out Amy's blog and she's done a very good job. Hope she will post frequently! Wish I had some magic I could give her, but I would have given it to Mystie long ago! Jaeger just is NOT a good sleeper - any time.
If you are still needing silk ribbon, remember that the Sew Expo is coming up in Puyallup the first weekend of March - you should be able to find lots then. You probably don't want to wait that long tho :)

Lili said...

Stitching spring designs to make spring come?! That's a good idea! I feel like it too...
Sorry about that ribbon stuff: hope it's not an emergency...
Take care!

AnneS said...

Yell out if you need a hand finding silk ribbon, Connie - if I some 'left overs' from doing some classes (I just never got hooked), and there might be something you can use - otherwise there is a very good LNS about 40 mins drive away that has lots of silk ribbon - if you let me know approx what DMC colour you are wanting (and what width) I could check them out for you :)