Monday, November 28, 2005

A change of scene

I got bored with my old template for this blog, so I decided to change it. But I did something pretty stupid, and forgot to back up my old changes, and I had to redo them all again. Grrrrr. Darn it anyway! And I thought I was being so efficient!

On a brighter note, Alana is home from the hospital and doing very well. Her bilirubin count had dropped 4 points in one day (which is amazing I am told), so Amy and Max were able to leave the hospital this morning. I rushed home at lunch long enough to kiss her and change her diaper. Life is good!

Snow has been predicted for Western Washington tonight. A rare happening for us, especially in November. I sort of hope that we get some, I love the beauty, but I hate to have to drive to work in it.

So, what do you think of this template? If I change it again, I have learned my lesson about saving my changes to another file!!! LOL!

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Von said...

Con, there's a little problem in your code for the sidebar I think. After Dogberry Patch, the dark blue takes over until the bottom of your sidebar, then the background is the med. blue. And you have some kind of design down the right side? Doesn't look quite right. Gary says if you cut and paste the code for your template and email it to him, he can fix it for you.