Sunday, November 27, 2005

Being a grandma is fun...but

it sure pulls at the heart when things don't go exactly right. Alana is back in the hospital dealing with lethargy/dehydration/jaundice, which is all a vicious catch-22 cycle. Her weight dropped to about 5.75 pounds. Its been rough on everyone having her back in the hospital, especially Amy. We did not think that she would tolerate laying in a bed all day long as she seemed to only sleep well when being held, but she has cooperated very well. Her bilirubin count is coming down and she is eating more each feeding. I hope that the count will be low enough today that she will be released tomorrow.

I know that it is probably grandma prejudice, but both Amy and I are marvelling how as she looses that newborn battered look she gets prettier every day.

On the stitching front, I am really excited about the baby sampler that Amy and I are working on. Amy finished all the kloster blocks and smyrna stitches I had given her to do and did a marvelous job for a first timer. I am really proud of her. I started doing some pulled thread stitches inside the kloster hearts, and then haven't been able to pick it up since Monday. Seems like holding my granddaughter is more fun right now. Who woulda thought?


Von said...

Connie, Alana really is a gorgeous little girl!! You can just lose yourself in her eyes, can't you! I know she will be home soon. Seems jaundice in newborns is more common this time of year with lack of sunshine. A friend had her baby on Monday and he was back in the hospital a few days later with jaundice too.
Give both Amy and Alana a love for me too :))))

Lelia said...

Alana is a beauty. We both know how quickly they grow up ; ) Hold her & spoil her.