Monday, September 19, 2005

Week of Vacation

Well, the kids came home from their honeymoon at 4 AM Sunday morning, after being unable to find a hotel in Wenatchee Saturday night. They will be staying here with us until they can find a place to rent. We had Chris' family over last night for opening presents and coffee, and we had a wonderful time. They were so pleased with all their gifts... some dear friends (you know who you are) gave them the sheets and comforter that they really wanted, so they immediately headed upstairs to make their bed. It looks so cute!

This week I am on vacation from work. I was so sick all last week, and having to deal with issues with Lizzie's schooling, (as well as recovering from the wedding) that I really need this to recover and try and get my house back in some semblance of order. Today I have some errands to run. The kids have promised to clear out Alli's old room so that I can have my computer room back. I let alot of organizing/dejunking slide this summer because of the wedding, so now all this clutter and mess is bugging me big time.

Saturday night I sat down to watch TV for the first time in ages, and watched three cute TV movies on ABC family. I pulled out a baby sweater pattern for my soon to be born granddaughter, and crocheted about two inches of it. The baby weight yarn looks so nice and delicate, but boy, does it ever take a long time to feel like I am making progress. I love baby sweaters...I always have for some reason. Even with my babies, the little sweaters were my favorite item of clothing. I have already bought two sweaters for this baby, but couldn't resist making one myself. I have some cross stitch items I want to do for her I really need to get busy.

I hope that this evening I will get the balance of the wedding pictures from Chris' family, so that I can begin printing the best ones for Allison and Chris's wedding scrapbook. Alli looked at me kind of funny last night and said, "you ARE giving the book to us and not keeping it for yourself, aren't you!" I laughed and said "of course, but I reserve the right to photocopy the best pages!!"

I found a blog page Saturday that will redesign your blog page, actually make it very personalized, doing all the code writing, etc. I looked at some of their sample pages and was very impressed. The cost is very reasonable (about $40 for a complex page), so I am thinking about talking to them. Don't be surprized if you see some template changes one of these days!

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Von said...

I saw that website too - they've done some nice work!

Talk about busy weekends, girlfriend! I'm so glad you're on vacation this week and taking care of yourself. Getting your computer room back will take a huge load off your mind and emotions! Also glad that Chris and Alli were happy with my wedding gift :)