Thursday, September 29, 2005

Post-event let down

Weird sounding title for a post, but it seems to be what I am feeling this week. I have finally gotten the wedding done, all the organizing and busy work done (Except for the scrapbooking!!); and gotten Lizzie ready pretty much for homeschool this year, and now with nothing pressing on me to get done yesterday, I am starting to realize that I have the "blues". At least I have been through this often enough to know that if I give myself some time, I will eventually feel better and regain my enthusiasm for life. But today, I am just plain tired and irritable. Nothing that normally brings me joy even appeals to me. So I hunker down and ride it out, and my friends wonder why I have been so quiet. Be patient, for this too shall pass. In three weeks we leave for a week on Maui, and my usual mindset for vacation is seeing everybit of everything there is to see. This time, I just want to find a chair on the beach and stare at the ocean. Considering I do alot of emotional healing at the beach, maybe this is just what I need!

My biggest question this week, how does one whittle down 600 wedding pictures into just one album??

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Von said...

I think this vacation to Maui is very well planned for you. Sitting on the beach letting the breeze blow away the accumulated stress, God's creation and Spirit ministering to your soul, will restore you to your happy self. I'm thinking a massage while you are there would drain the stress from your body even more quickly. Consider it!!

600 wedding pictures!! Perhaps after more time has passed, you'll be able to wade thru them with better clarity. And maybe you need one album, one for Amy, one for Lizzie, in addition to Alli's, lol!!

Love you all, Von