Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Victoria Sampler

I have the greatest privilege to be a small part of The Victoria Sampler. I have been working for Thea (pictured) for about 5 years now, as a stitcher, and over the course of that time we have become dear friends. Thea is one of the loveliest people I know, kind, sweet, generous and always encouraging. Thank you Thea for allowing me to be a part of your life and The Victoria Sampler! She has a great webpage that is updated bi-monthly with all her new designs and news. Check it out: www.victoriasampler.com . Thea has continually challenged me to improve and grow in my stitching abilities, and is even encouraging and "mentoring" me in beginning to design a few pieces of my own. And the other ladies that work in her office are equally as lovely, Lisa and Cathy are delightful to work with and a joy to know. What a wonderful group of people to work with. I am so blessed!!!

My daughter Allison's wedding is in less than two months, September 10th to be exact. I am having to face the challenge of getting myself into wedding mode...which has been hard for me to do for some reason...only because of life, NOT because I object to the wedding!!! GRIN. I have designed and stitched a ring pillow (even tho Alli and Chris are not having a ring bearer), but she doesn't know yet it is for her wedding. I hope that she will be agreeable to just having the pillow sit on the altar with the rings attached. Or perhaps Lizzie will carry it in as part of her junior bridesmaid duties. I think part of the reason I am having a hard time getting into the mode is that I am also facing three other huge changes in my life in the next months. I am going to work full time days in August after working part time evenings for the last 9 years. Lizzie will be starting in a regular school after having been homeschooled for her whole life. And our oldest daughter is expecting a baby in November!!! Huge changes! And so many of them all at the same time!

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