Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Role Reversals

My family has had a difficult week. My father, who will be 88 in two months "had a spell" last Thursday, and ended up in the hospital for 5 days. Over New Years. (Did we have a News Years this year???)  On Monday we had him moved to a wonderful rehab facility in Lacey, and he is recovering pretty well. .  We have a "care conference" with all the key people at the rehab center tomorrow afternoon, hoping to come up with a plan for Dad's care and desired release to go home.  This is new territory for all of us, prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.  Also, any wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

On a lighter note, we adopted a new kitten last July.  I swear, this cat thinks it is a dog most days...never seen a cat act like he does...running through the house at 50 miles per hour, round and round, losing his footing on the slick floor and smashing headlong into the cupboards and furniture.  He is a true klutz in every sense of the word!  When we first brought him home, we would growl at us if we got too close to his food, and  he would neglect his own food bowl to hungrily devour our older cat's food.  John has been working with him for the past month or so, and has taught him to "sit" and "stay" with the food bowl in front of him, and  he actually now will wait for the signal to go to his bowl to start eating!!!  I have never ever seen a cat be able to do that!!!  Our ankles are fair game for "pounce on the mouse" and he loves to bite our toes through the covers while we sleep.  But he has the softest silkiest fur of any cat we have ever had...what a pleasure to have him fall asleep in our lap!  Kolo certainly keeps us entertained!

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