Sunday, January 01, 2012

Putting thoughts into action.

One of my unspoken, secret, resolutions this new year is to get back to blogging. I have finally reached the point of saturation and overload with Facebook. While I love being able to keep up with far away friends and family, I am weary of wading through game postings, scam postings and "pass it on" postings from multitudes of people, just to find the "gems" that are really important to me. Like the updates from a dear friend with Stage Four cancer, updates from friends and relatives that are struggling with health issues, people I love and care for dearly...just knowing what they are thinking. I am not sure how I am going to deal with the fluff yet without totally casting off these friends...but my first step is to begin blogging again, and not fill up other people's walls with my own unwanted fluff. My blog will not get as much traffic I know, but the people I care most about know where to find me. I am also finding I am losing a vital part of myself by trying to share my life in only a sentence or two, when I need to be really talking in paragraphs! I don't know how to describe this vital part other than as "depth". I found myself growing shallower, and I don't like it. So here is my first day in a new year striving to walk out this blog revival.

I have a years worth of events and ideas to talk about in depth, and while it may seem stale and belated to talk about the old news, don't be surprised if I visit these things, just to get them down and remembered.

My grandchildren, Alana (left) age 6, Gracie (center) age 4, Silas (right) age 3, just before opening presents at our house on Christmas Eve, 2011.

We celebrated Christmas with our kids and grandkids on Saturday morning, Christmas Eve this year, as it was the girl's year to spend Christmas with their dad. We had such a a sweet and wonderful time having breakfast, visiting and opening gifts. The weather was amazingly warm that day, so about noon John and I ventured out and took a leisurely walk around the neighborhood, then spent the remainder of the day watching Christmas movies on TV. In the early afternoon on Christmas Day we gathered at Mom and Dad's house for Christmas dinner. It was a good weekend, peaceful and fun!


Kathryn said...

I was just wondering if you were ever going to post again Connie, and now here you are. The grandchildren have grown! They're so beautiful. I'm still not on facebook - I know I'm missing some stuff, but also know that I'll spend too much time on there if I do join. Nice to see you here!

Mouse said...

you can turn off the updates etc on Fb so that you don't get as much bumpf if that helps you need to hover over the name and it will come up with a list with ticks at the side of things you get of folks just un tick an you won't get as much rubbish ... hope that helps ...... glad you have had a lovely Christmas and wish you a very merry stitchy new year :)love mouse xxxxx