Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gorgeous afternoon in Washington

We spent the afternoon in DuPont, looking again at houses. We keep coming back to the same one, especially now that the price has been reduced $15,000. It will be interesting to see if it is still available when we actually have the go ahead to make an offer. (We are still waiting on the buyer's loan for our old house to get to the point where we can safely assume it will close) It was such a beautiful afternoon, there was a historical gathering/demonstration at the old Ft Nisqually site..what a surprise it was to find a booth for the Embroiderer's Guild of America...I think I may get involved as there is a small subgroup that meets in Tacoma, and the regular meetings near Seattle are actually on Saturday mornings! They also told me that there is a group that specializes in hardanger embroidery! Then John and I hiked the 3 mile round trip down to the DuPont Beach...what an incredibly beautiful hike and it was fairly smooth and was so nice to have a day off with my hubby, the first one in about a month.


Carolyn NC said...

Good luck with your house buying! Love the stitching (from your last post!)

Von said...

Praying that the sale of your house finally comes thru! You've been dreaming of DuPont for so long, it would be such a blessing for you to finally move there. :)