Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Another January!

It continues to amaze me how quickly the days are flying by! I can sense Spring coming, just around the corner, not that it means our lousy weather is over yet though! We planted two whole flats of primroses and narcissus yesterday out front by the street, and I was encouraged to see that last years daffodils and irises are about an inch tall already. I love spring flowers and I know I've said it before, spring is my favorite season. It offers hope that the world will go on when the winters in my life are about to become overwhelming.

My legs are very sore today from bending over and pulling weeds and planting...a casualty of winter inactivity. But I am really pleased how pretty and "springful" it looks now in the front flower bed!

For those who don't remember, we have our house up for sale. November and December were pretty dismal, we only showed the house a couple of times...we worked hard at not becoming discouraged over it. But two weeks ago we had an open house, then showed the house 4 times. This last week we have had 2 people come and look. We are hopeful that it won't be much longer now! Yesterday while we were waiting for an agent to show the house, we wandered around a local furniture store to look at new living room furniture...we kind of liked this set, it's very comfy. We haven't made a final decision...

But while we wandering around we found a back room with clearance items and found this treasure...

What a surprise to find a gorgeous old stained glass window in amongst the sale items! (Note the lamp with a sale sign on it in front of the window!!! LOL!

It was so wonderful to be able to get up close enough to touch and get a good look at the construction. I only had the camera from my cell phone so the pictures aren't the greatest...I may go back with my good camera to get some good close ups. This window was constructed in about 1904 with many others and came from a church in Boston that was torn down 30 years ago. The pictures depict the Nativity. I thought it was so gorgeous!

I am almost finished stitching my newest design model...about 2 more hours to go! Stay tuned later this week for some teaser pictures!


Carolyn NC said...

Wonderful pictures; and the old stained glass; I'd buy it in a second if I could and had a place to put it!! Beautiful!

Von said...

That window is amazing! I do hope it goes into a building worthy of such beauty.

Have a great week and I'm crossing my fingers and praying your house sells real soon.