Friday, July 31, 2009

Discovering Bliss...

Daughter Lizzie is enrolled in a summer class at the community college in preparation for starting high school this fall, and so instead of driving back home across town while waiting for class to end, John and I decided to keep cool at Barnes and Noble. I found him a comfy chair and told him to rest while I browsed. As per usual, I have such good intentions of not buying anything, until I saw this....It is a delightful book. I have, so far, only read a few pages that caught my immediate attention, but it is full of helpful blogging tips, and packed with dozens of pages of popular and beautiful blogs and articles about their authors. I am so excited to have this book! I noticed a couple of my favorites are in here, and I can hardly wait to get acquainted with the others. I did notice that most of the blogs highlighted have beautiful and unique banner pictures. Where in the world did they get these? I am so dissatisfied with my title banner...I am longing for something unique and creative like these in the book.

I also spent about an hour in the biography section, biographies are my favorite books to read, and wrote down the title and author of every single book I thought looked interesting. I wrote 23 titles on my list before deciding that was probably enough for now. I was able to find 22 of them at our library website, so it looks like my reading list for the next year is full!!

We had record heat this week, hottest it has ever been in Lacey...103^. I hope it will never do that again, we are just not prepared for extreme heat. Today is currently 77^, a very comfortable temperature. I like it!

Quick update on John: He is improving slowly but steadily. Every day I have little bit more of my husband back, but he still has a ways to go. We discovered today his ability to write has been affected, he could hardly sign his name at the doctor's office. He is still sleeping a lot, and getting anxious to go back to work.

So, enough for now. I have lots to get done around here, but feel like taking a nap! LOL!

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Lelia said...

I had heard about this book via other bloggers posting about it.

I will HAVE to swing by the bookstore & find a copy : )

Always, L.