Sunday, February 08, 2009

25 Things about Me. A meme thingie I got talked into.

Okay, Karie-Leekie (sister) this is for you!!
1. My natural tendency is to think that 25 things about me is self indulgent. My sister tells me it isn't!
2. I am an introvert. I LOVE being an introvert, except when I am around a lot of Extroverts that expect me to act like them, and I can't think of a darn thing to say!! Stupid brain. I can always think of just the right thing to say a day or two after the fact.
3. My earliest memory is flying in an airplane with my parents. I remember lying on my mom’s lap and seeing the little round porthole windows that planes used to have. My mom says I was about a year old at the time. Someone has said that very early memories indicate a high intelligence. (How’s that for self indulgent! SMIRK).
4. I love to travel. I think it has something to do with #3. If I don’t get to travel for an extended period of time I feel deprived and sorry for myself.
5. My favorite place to travel to is Hawaii. I have been there four times, to three different islands. I am so lucky. I get to go for the fifth time in April, 09.
6. I LOVE Hawaii and we are planning on moving there when we retire. Unless we can figure out a way to go before then.
7. When I was 18 I spent a year traveling with the singing group “Up With People”. We got to do some amazing things…giving two performances at Carnegie Hall, doing a television show, singing at the governor’s mansion in Santa Fe, New Mexico, performing for the President’s daughter, as well as making lifelong friends and learning how to sing on a corded microphone and dance at the same time!
8. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Whitworth University, graduated cum laude, while working and paying my own way through college. (see #3 again!! SMIRK)
9. I love dark chocolate and crème brulee. Not necessarily at the same time.
10. I spent a month in Paris studying while I was in college. The first week I didn’t like it there very much. At the end of the month I didn’t want to leave and would have stayed for another semester if I had had any money.
11. Believe it or not, I like to garden and to have a pretty yard. Something about working in the dirt soothes the soul.
12. I got my love of gardening from my Dad, who in his 80’s still has a gorgeous yard.
13. I have never been fond of my middle name…probably because it only got used when I was in trouble as a kid! (Sorry Mom and Dad!)
14. I felt better about my middle name when my second granddaughter was also given it as her middle name.
15. My middle name is Lynn.
16. I had mono in 9th grade and had to stay in bed for week.
17. While I had mono, my Mom bought me some printed pillow cases and embroidery thread, and the passion of my life was born.
18. I have been stitching and doing some form of embroidery continuously since I was in 9th grade. Let’s see…40 years now. (How good is your math??? HA!)
19. Last year I started my own embroidery design business, designing and selling embroidery patterns nationwide.
20. I drive a PT cruiser. Ever notice that most of the drivers of PT cruisers are over 40?
21. I don’t really like to cook, and only do it when I have to. I dislike potlucks for just that reason. Love to eat, hate to cook.
22. If I had all the money in the world, I would have a cook.
23. I crave order, beauty and quiet in my surroundings. Without these three things I quickly fall apart.
24. I love to read. My favorite outing as a child was going to the library.
25. I love having grandchildren! It’s worth having kids just to have grandkids someday!

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Patricia Weber said...

Connie, I'm an INTJ by Meyers Briggs type and am a coach for introverts in business. Just a suggestion? YOu've got a powerful brain. Studies show introverts have more front brain activity than extroverts. Either have one to three preplanned general conversation starters you can use in the company or extroverts, or starting from the beginning of the conversation, listen, introverts also do that well, and use your natural curiosity to join in the conversation with a few questions. Extroverts love talking most about themselves so guess what? You'll have them handled.