Saturday, July 05, 2008

This has been a quiet month.

I haven't felt much like blogging this last month. Not because of a lack of events to talk about, there have been plenty of those, but, I just didn't feel like it. Lost my mojo as they say. Seems like several others in stitching blogland have been in the same rut the last weeks, so I don't feel too guilty about it. I tried once to write a post, and got a paragraph or two written, but Blogger absolutely refused to cooperate in uploading pictures, so I just deleted the whole thing and went on to something else. I suppose I could try and write a bunch of posts catching up everything in depth, but I don't think I will. So I will just do a quick summary of my month along with a few pictures...
June 13th was my birthday, and the 15th was DH's birthday. We celebrated with a joint birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant, Falls Terrace in Tumwater. I had prawns and John had steak and we enjoyed the gorgeous scenery with a walk around the falls after dinner.

Then on Monday the 16th, my granddaughter Gracie had surgery to remove a cyst on her forehead. She did really well, the cyst was benign, and she was back home by noon the same day. The surgeon did an excellent job with the incision and it looks like only a little scratch now. We expect that it will be almost completely invisible before she starts school. Here is a before and after picture:

Then the next week we acquired a small trailer...a 1965 Shasta Compact, to be exact. It is so cute, and we just love it. We have the intention of using it for a "getaway" room here at the house for now, and hope to have it road worthy and camping ready by next summer. We have started gutting the interior down to the framing and metal skin, it shouldn't take to long to restore as it is only 11 feet long by 7 feet wide!!! A lady that we are acquainted with gave us some beautiful wood laminate for the floor, so it is going to be very pretty inside too!!!

So, let's see. That brings us to the Fourth of July, which I covered in my last post. And then today. This Monday is our 29th wedding anniversary, so John and I are at a hotel in Long Beach Washington as I type this. We have needed a weekend away, and it has been many years since we have been to Long Beach. Of course, there are what seems to be a million people here in this tiny little town, but we have a lovely view of the ocean and are enjoying our quiet time together.

John standing with a statue honoring the Lewis and Clark expedition, which ended in 1805 in this area. I believe this is Mr. Clark.

Our Hotel, right next to the main beach access. It is a 7 mile long is really the world's longest beach? I don't know. I guess I should google it, yes?

So, there is the last month in a nutshell. I haven't done a whole lot of stitching I can share. I designed a sampler for grandparents that Amy is currently stitching the model for, and I am also working on a hardanger design for a stitching pocket. (I am doing the stitching on that one) I am excited about how both of these designs are turning out...hope I can start publishing soon!!!

As I sit here looking out my hotel window at the beach, people are beginning to set off their left over fireworks on the beach...maybe we'll have another good show this evening!!

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Von said...

I've not felt much like blogging myself. Throwing up a few pictures now and then with just a bit of verbiage is all I can manage. Things will change back one of these days, but for now I'm quite content. :D

Getting away simply must be done! Glad you were able to enjoy Long Beach for your anniversary. It's a fun place. In our annual visit, we usually drive up to Ocean Park the back way and may not even see Long Beach at all, until possibly Sunday evening when many have returned home. I dearly love the peninsula tho!