Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I remember....

When I was reading back over some old posts from this summer a few minutes ago, I discovered that I mentioned getting some of my old slides digitized. Well, I actually did do that last month...and some of the pictures are a hoot!!! This was a very low tech method I used...essentially put the slides into the slide projector, shine them on the wall and snap a picture with my digital camera. Some of the pix I took in Paris during college 33 years ago discolored alot, but with the discoloration, they look REALLY old, like 100 years old. I kind of like the way the colors are so muted....So I thought you all might like to see some of my ancient history...a little trip back in time....

The Eiffel Tower, taken January 1975. Notice how the colors have muted out.

This is me, taken sometime in the mid-70's, with our new puppy, Nutmeg. She was so tiny she fit right into my pocket!!

This was taken at my parents 25th wedding anniversary party in 1973. I am on the left, then my mom, and my grandma (mom's mom) is standing in the background against the wall. I miss my Grandma still. My middle daughter, Alli, has alot of her facial features.

This was taken by my dad in 1973, at our cabin in Whatcom County, WA.

College graduation, 1977.

An old-world street scene, taken in a long forgotten town somewhere in Northern France. Again the muted colors make the picture look older than it is.

This is me sitting in front of Chenonceaux, my favorite castle in the Loire Valley, France. I wish the castle wasn't so faded really was a nice picture. I used to be so skinny!!!

Maybe one of these days I will post some more of these old pictures. It takes Blogger a long time to post them all, so I won't do any more this evening. But, now you know some of my history that few people remember!!!


Doris said...

beautiful pictures,and with a lot os history begin nice remember the good times :D

Von said...

What fun to see the old pics - altho they're not quite as old as some of them look! :D