Sunday, February 03, 2008

I have the best intentions....

but life always seems to get in the way. As you can see, I haven't gotten much done on Swirlygig this week. It is sometimes agonizing when the little designs you know should only take a couple of evenings to complete turn into a couple of weeks instead. Ah well. I did have a VERY productive week in other areas of my life. I got our taxes completely done. And filed. And a generous size refund is on the way...the IRS website says in about 2 weeks it will be in our account. Horray!!! Cuz it is already spent...on plane tickets for Hawaii!!! Another major accomplishment this week, getting all the arrangements done for our trip to Kauai. We are leaving March 8th for a glorious sunshine filled week on the beach. I can hardly wait!!! It will be our first time on Kauai, tho our fourth trip to Hawaii in four years. I love Hawaii. I want to move to Hawaii. I want to move my whole family to Hawaii so I can stay there guilt free. (I can dream can't I?) We are hoping when we retire to spend at least the winter there every year. We will at least still be making an annual pilgrimage there I am sure, since we have the timeshare now. Isn't it amazing when a "PLACE" gets under your skin and won't let you go???

Daughter Amy was taking pictures of the grandbabies this afternoon, and I couldn't resist posting this one...the baby (Gracie) is laughing!!! in this picture. I bust up laughing every time I look at this picture. I love having grandkids. I am sure some people must get tired of my ramblings on about them, but how can you not talk about the things (people) you love??? Which is why we all have blogs anyway, right?

Von and I are headed to a special holiday retreat in Victoria BC, in April, sponsored by The Victoria Sampler. I am really looking forward to spending time with dear friends and stitching to my hearts content for a long weekend. The last time I was able to attend I came home so relaxed and refreshed. That's how I need to spend retirement...shuttling between Hawaii and these retreats in Victoria...and maybe a monthly side trip to visit the grandkids. Now, that would be almost heaven!!!

until next time...happy stitching!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like life is good!!!

That is sure a sweet picture of the little ones. I'm lonesome for them.

Von said...

That pic of the girls is hilarious! Those first baby laughs - so funny! :D

Woot! Victoria here we come!!

Doris said...

sweet and cute pictures form your grandchilds, the smile or the laughs forma a baby are son crtisyalines.

hugs from Madrid

Chelle said...

Cute pic of the girls! Nothing is sweeter than a happy baby.