Monday, November 12, 2007

Quiet Weekend

I got hit by an organizing mood this weekend, so I decided to indulge myself by organizing something to do with my needlework instead of housework. I pulled out my large pile of fairly new patterns I have been collecting for the last couple of years, and set aside every single one that I wanted to do in the next year. I came up with about 8 patterns...several of them I had cut fabric for last spring. I decided to kit them all up and have them competely ready to go for when the mood hit to stitch them. It took several pleasant hours, but they are all done except to find a bit of fabric for one freebie Christmas ornament. So now my project basket is really full again, but most of them are completely new projects. Ahhh. I LIKE being organized!!!

Still no baby yet. Amy Sue felt pretty well Saturday, so we did some shopping for the baby, and she was happy with what we got accomplished. She thinks she has all the "needs" pretty well taken care of now, and everything left on her registry is just "wants" or "would be nice to haves".

I don't have any great new pictures this week. The weather has not been great, so we haven't been outside much. I've done some stitching, but not enough to warrant a picture. Maybe next week. I've decided to change the picture weekly in my sidebar, and I will probably be delving into my older nice them off a little. This picture of Mt. St. Helens was captured from the Mt. St. Helens webcam last month...the sunrise over the mountain was spectacular that day, and I captured several of the images to keep.

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Von said...

What fun to kit up a bunch of new projects!

Hope you all survived the big windstorm yesterday! Any power outages in your area? Today I have drifts of leaves, making it easier for the boys to scoop up. :D