Monday, August 27, 2007

things hidden, meanings found

Have you ever had an experience where you think at first what you are going through is just a random thing, and then you later find out it has a much deeper and more extensive meaning than you could ever have realized?

I posted a few weeks ago about being in a purging and cleaning mode, and about all the great de-cluttering that I was doing....come to find out the reason...our daughter #1, son-in-law and granddaughter are moving in with this weekend!!! It all had a good purpose that I must have somehow known was coming!!!

We have been scrambling, since the decision was made a couple weeks ago, to create the space needed for them. We have built two walls in the garage, creating a bedroom for DD#3, Lizzie, a laundry room, an area for the computer desk and a storage space. Then we have had to clear out a bedroom and the computer room (for granddaughter's bedroom) and move everyone and everything into the new spaces. What a job!!! I have been keeping track, and have made 11 trips to Goodwill so far, plus two dump runs, plus the garage sale we had. We have gotten rid of literally, probably over a ton of stuff!!! I still have my stitching closet to clean out, and I have no idea where it all will go. I guess it will have to find a place in the storage part of the garage!

The story behind all this is long, but the short version is: son-in-law Max found a job working about 3 hours north of here on an island in the San Juans. He starts next week. DD Amy is 27 weeks pregnant and does not want to move away from family and her support network right now. So she & the grandkid(s) will stay with us until probably school is out next June, while Max commutes home on the days he is off. Hope that's not TOOOO confusing. It will be fun to have everyone here...but a houseful. When the new baby comes, there will be 9 of us under one roof!!!

Well, best get back to the cleaning and moving!

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J Rae said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog! :-)

Sounds like you have been very busy. Gosh, I need to clean out my closets so badly. It's amazing how the stuff piles up quickly.

Enjoy your daughter, son-in-law (when he is there) and granddaughter being with you.