Sunday, January 28, 2007

Getting Organized

Here it is, another Sunday, and time for another post. I haven't done much stitching this week, other things seemed more important, and I wasn't really all that much in the mood anyway. I am working on the "D" design from M Designs, but haven't made enough progress for anyone to be able to tell what it is yet, so I will wait a little longer to post a picture.

I did organize my stitching closet and boxes this afternoon. Not that they were a total disaster, but things were getting a little out of hand. Here are pictures of the finished result. I love being organized, I sure wish things would stay that way!!! I must really be in an organizing mood this weekend, yesterday I straightened up the garage some (my car was getting very crowded with all the extra stuff that has been brought in lately) and I did some extra cleanup and rearranging in the house too. I still had a few wintery type decorations up, and I decided I am mentally through with winter, so I took them all down and put up some of my spring decor. Made me feel a lot better...especially since the sun was shining all day yesterday also!
I also put the finishing touches and hem into the smocked dress I made for Alana. I am really pleased with the way it turned out and can hardly wait to see her in it.
There is not a whole lot of excitement to share from this week. John and I went to a movie at the theatre last Saturday, something we almost never do. We went to see "A Night in the Museum", and enjoyed it immensely. At one point I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face!!! This movie will definitely on our "have to buy" list when it comes out on DVD. This website I linked to is kind of fun also...there is a mystery game to play if you enter in.


Anonymous said...

YOur organization of your stash looks great. Inspiring!

Von said...

You're always organized, Connie! You just straightened up a little, lol!

Alana's dress is sooooo sweet.

Geoff's been driving me crazy - he's absolutely exultant over the gray weather we've been having. Argh!! How can he be my son? :D

Judy said...

Wow I will say that you have a lot of stuff for stitching. Also I got the granddaughter pattern last week in the mail, along with a few others. Can't wait to get started.
That dress is just beautiful... you did a great job.


Mom said...

Love that dress. Am anxious to see her in it.

junesctung said...

Ah, another smocker here. Alana will be so pleased to have it.

Chelle said...

I love the way you have things organized. Looks great! The dress for Alana is so sweet. It's just lovely!

Barbara said...

Come on over and organize me, please! Your set-up looks TERRIFIC! :)