Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!!!

As I write this post, I am acutely aware that those of you in Australia/New Zealand have already celebrated and are probably fast asleep in bed. We still have 8 hours of the old year here in the Pacific Northwest. Amazingly, we have had sunshine today, which has been a very welcome break from all the nasty winter weather we have been having!!

So, to those of us yet to do the countdown, Happy New Year!

We had a very nice Christmas. It seemed like a long holiday with the three day weekend, but it was a very enjoyable time. Here is a picture of John and I opening gifts Christmas afternoon at my parent's house. (That is a movie camera in my hand!) This week I had to work, so I tried in the evenings to clean up the mess around here and put all the Christmas decor away. Yesterday I boiled up the turkey carcass for soup and ended up with two large pots of turkey vegetable soup. We ate one for dinner and then I put the other one in the freezer for another day.
I also spent quite a bit of time catching up on everyone's blog posts this week. Ann had some wonderful links to blogs with finishing, thanks Ann for these links! I have enjoyed them so much. In fact, I found one project that I absolutely love (see picture) on a blog from France....isn't this fantastic? Please check out the website here for more pictures. I wish I could have one of these...but I am not sure when I would find the time to do it. I hope this dear person doesn't mind that I "borrowed" her picture to post here. I give all credit to this stitcher for a beautiful project.
I have been jotting down a few goals for myself...I decided just setting some goals for January was enough for now. I know I would be overwhelmed and never finish if I tried to do the whole year!!! My stitching goals are to finish two small stitching projects, and begin charting my newest design. If I can get going on that I will be so happy with myself!!! The charting program I have is fairly unstable, and so I may be forced to invest in an upgrade before I can get very far with this one!
I am very impressed with Von's 21 finishes for 2006. I didn't think I can count that many at all, but when I went back and looked, I think I have 19. Granted, most of them are VERY small, but finishes none the less! If I can manage two smalls a month for 2007 I should be able to surpass that number easily. I do have another dress I need to get smocked for my granddaughter before she outgrows it.....maybe I better revise that goals list a little bit, LOL!!!

For some reason I am having troubles getting this post to double space the paragraphs...does anyone have the blogger fix for this?

Happy New Year all my friends and family.


AnneS said...

Glad to hear the finishing links have been useful to you - some of those French sites are the best, they have the most wonderful projects :) Happy New Year to you and your family too :D

Von said...

Thanks for the ego boost on the number of finishes I have for last year. :D Quite a few were smalls, but I had a few bigger ones. You've had quite a year in other areas; designing takes quite a bit of time when you do get a chance.

We're watching the Fiesta Bowl - only because it's BSU. But they're doing pretty well so far at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. Woot!!

Mom said...

Hi Con, for some reason that picture looks familiar. That was a fun day, wasn't it?

Your blog page came through in pretty good time this week.