Thursday, September 21, 2006

A quick finish

I finished the little hardanger ornament I was working on last weekend in about 5 hours of stitching. A nice little quickie. I just hope now the intended recipients don't see this before Saturday!!!! I scanned this instead of using the camera, so it is hard to see that the hearts are done with opalescent thread and there are tiny white beads in the corners. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. The original pattern called for picots all over everything...I don't do picots...ugghh. But I think it looks good without them.

I received my Just Cross Stitch Ornaments Magazine for 2006 this afternoon. I am a bit disappointed in the quality of a lot of the designs. But now I can do the next Shepherd's Bush ornament...boy is the pattern ever tiny this year...I am going to have to enlarge it 300% to be able to read it!!! Thea's design (The Victoria Sampler) is very sweet this year, I will probably do one of those for myself also.


Von said...

Very nice ornament, Connie! Where did you find the pattern?

I'm thinking about stopping at B&N to see if they have the ornie issue today. Otherwise I'll have to order it from somewhere.

Happy Weekend!

Barbara said...

Is it the magazines or us? LOL. I just received the Oct 2006 JCS (from BeckySC, who is so sweet) and I was also wondering about enlarging some of the charts. LOL