Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ornament finished

I finished up the 2005 Shepherd's Bush Christmas ornament this week...I think it turned out cute, but it took me a long time to stitch. There are a lot of color changes, many for just a few stitches, so it worked up slowly. Warning to those who have not yet stitched this...some Weeks colors are called out in the pattern...which if you don't have and need to buy...are for only 3 or 4 stitches!!! Don't buy the whole skein, substitute some DMC. I should have taken more time to study this pattern before I bought all the threads!!! Glad it's finished, now I can wait until the 2006 JCS ornaments magazine comes out to do the next one!


Amy Sue said...

How many more are there? Do you have to wait the whole year between each one for several more years, or is this one of the last ones?It'll be neat to see it finished!

Von said...

Wow, Connie, you're all caught up! Congrats!
Thanks for the warning about the WDW, I'll be changing to DMC as I have for the others.
Was hoping I'd get a chance to stitch this weekend, but we've been on the move too much - not a lazy time. Took the kids to see the End of the Oregon Trail Museum, rode the free trolley around Oregon City, walked through another museum (which had the most stupendous wedding gown from turn of the century in black with tons of gorgeous beading), the down to OMSI. Interesting, fun day. :D

Lelia said...

Awesome orn! Connie this looks great. Are you finishing all the ornaments separately?? Your tree will dazzle.