Saturday, July 22, 2006

Blog Anniversary

I realized this week that my blog is now officially one year old! I began it the third week of July, 2005. It is amazing how quickly this year has flown by. I celebrated my beginning last July with a picture of the daisies in my here is a picture of the daisies this year!!
It is blistering hot today. 98 degrees in the shade with high humidity. Not that we are alone with the hot temperatures, just that we are so unused to it. I broke down today and took the car in to get the AC recharged...couldn't stand the heat any longer. I am taking Lizzie and friend camping tomorrow for three days. We have a camping resort about 60 miles from here that we really like to go to...I hope it cools off a bit, but at least there is a large pool to keep cool in. Then on Wednesday, Lizzie and I will drive up to Everett to stay overnight with my sister Karen...Lizzie will spend Thursday there with Alisha (almost cousin), while I go on up to Victoria to visit with Thea. I planning on spending one day there and then coming back to Karen's before we come home Friday. I guess I forgot to say I have a week of vacation this week! I am really looking foward to some time to "play" during the good weather.

John started working on the shed again this week, and we have three walls is 8' by 10', but with the walls it sure looks smaller! I am really looking forward to getting that much stuff out of my garage!!! It's getting hard to get in and out of the car!

In the world of stitching, I am working on another original design of mine...I like this one, it is flowing out very easily onto the fabric, and is called "Beyond the Garden Gate". It is fun when the design comes so easy.


Von said...

Your daisies look so fresh! Mine have been over for quite awhile now. I love how long they last in the vase.

Glad you're getting some more time off! Give Thea a big hug for me. Can't believe it's even been 100 degrees for Thea and Kathryn - so miserable for them!

The shed is looking great! Hope John is able to get it ready for you by winter.

Amy Sue said...

Is your new design going to go with the sampler and "my child's garden? I didn't know you were going to visit with Karen! Give her a hug for me, and have fun in Victoria! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on Tuesday! Why don't you have reception call me when you get done, and I'll come say hi really quick, and see how it went. Glad you got the AC fixed in your car, I sure wish mine had it! Love you, have fun if I don't talk to you before you leave!