Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What a difference a few months makes....

I saw this old photo taken in early March of my front yard and I was amazed at how different it looks now that everything has leafed out, bloomed and is a comparison if Blogger will let me upload two pix tonight. Hey! It worked!

Today is my dear friend Von's birthday! Wishing you the happiest ever Von! (oh, by the way to answer your question, the new shed's dimensions are 8 foot by 10 foot. Not very big, but large enough for all the tools!)

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Von said...

That is really an amazing comparison, Connie! Both are beautiful, but your summer garden is so very full and bright. :)
Thank you for the birthday wishes. Gary and I had dinner on the deck at the Shiloh Inn - very yummy! The weather couldn't have been more perfect today. So I'm ready to end it now and look forward to another great day tomorrow. :D