Monday, June 19, 2006

Another Finish!

I have finished the next Shepherd's Bush ornament, this one from 2004 called In A Stable. I changed the colors slightly to match the previous ornaments a little better....the pattern calls for a different color for the words, and since I want to sew these all into a wall hanging when they are all done, I wanted them to match. I was pleased with the result, and it was very quick to stitch up.

We had a very nice Father's Day. We did some yard work and house work on Saturday, then Saturday night at midnight I went into the office to help out with a software upgrade for the credit union software...Not sure I was alot of help, but I learned alot. My co-worker said it's the quickest upgrade they have done, and called me the good luck charm. I don't know about that, but I was back in my bed by 4:45 it wasn't too bad. We have to do the upgrades in the middle of the night, when the members are probably sleeping and not wanting to use the ATM's etc. So I slept in till 11 AM while John was at church, and then at 1 we went over to my folk's house for dinner and presents...we also celebrated John and my birthday's as well as Father's Day. Had wonderful time visiting and playing with all the sister Nan has two grandkids, Austin and Chloe, and they are alot of fun. So it was good. I had fun. I came home and stitched for awhile and we watched a couple DVD's. I got them for John for Father's Day, The Man from Snowy River (one of our favorites) and an old black and white movie called Pride of the Yankees, about Lou Gehrig. It was a pretty good movie, but then we like baseball movies.

This morning we had a slab poured out back for a shed...we've been needing to get our garden tools out of our overcrowded garage, so this will be a great is going to be surrounded by raspberries and my grape vine, I'll try a picture tomorrow. (Blogger won't let me upload any pix right now, so I will try later.) I picked a small bowl of raspberries tonight, I can hardly believe how early they are this year! We are going to have more than we can handle if anyone wants to come over and pick some!! LOL!!


Von said...

Congrats, Connie, on finishing the next ornie in the series!! It may be my favorite.

Hurray for poured concrete!! It'll be wonderful to have a nice shed to store tools in.

Glad you had a nice Father's Day after working all night!

Lelia said...

Hi Connie: Your SB ornies are wonderful!! Good job.

Lovely back yard photos. Can you believe all the awesome home / yard improvements Von is having done? We bought more trees & some flowers -- that is about all for this Summer.

Enjoy the week-end & thanks for your kind comment on my blog

lena-lou said...

Hi, Your SB stitching is lovely and I like the colours you have chosen...I have these to do yet along with everything :-)