Friday, April 07, 2006


No pictures today, and no fancy title, but I wanted to get a post up anyway. I still intend on taking pictures of my stash enhancement from last weekend, but have been so busy that it has been the last thing on my list to do. Hopefully this weekend.

After a long talk with my friend and mentor, Thea, last weekend, we came to the conclusion that I really needed a corner, place, chair, that was mine and mine alone in this house of ours. It seems that I always share my stitching place, and it has hindered my getting any designing and stitching done, because it was too much emotional work to chase away the person occupying the space I wanted to use, or there was too much "stuff" from other people that would need to be cleaned up before I could even sit down. When I am tired, that "work" was more than I was able to handle, so I would just drift off to find something where I could be alone, usually the bathtub!!! I spent some time talking to John and Lizzie about it, and then last night began cleaning up a corner of the computer room, clearing the clutter, moving furniture a bit and trying to make it a comfortable and inviting place for ME! I'm not finished yet, things in the rest of the room are still in disarray, and since I am such a visual person, I know I will never be able to work if the space I am in is messy. This may take a few more hours, LOL! I will keep you posted with my progress and some pix when I am done!!!

Happy weekend everyone!!


Von said...

Good for you, Connie! You've made a start! I know it will be adorable when you're finished. :)

AnneS said...

Oh Connie, I can so appreciate not having a space to call your own! When I first moved to Aussie I was living in a shared house with 'friends', and I never felt comfortable stitching there - I eventually put up a floor stand and daylight lamp by one chair, and every time I'd come through it'd all have been moved/put away by Liz (one of the boy's mothers we lived with) ... I hardly stitched a thing in the entire 8 months we lived there. When we moved out to a new place (just Fraze and I) that was the biggest joy - I bought a cheap recliner, and had my chair all set up for stitching ... it was sheer bliss! :D