Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A new project started

Von (On the Dry Side) and I are doing a stitch-along together, doing the Shepherd's Bush ornaments from the JCS ornament issues. Von is doing them all on one piece of 32 ct linen, while I am doing mine on eight small pieces of 28 ct linen, which I plan on piecing together into a bell pull. Here is a picture of the first ornament. It worked up pretty quickly, I did it in a couple of evenings while watching TV. I'm going to go back to My Child's Heart for a couple days, then work on the next ornament. It is fun to finish a "project" in a couple days. Most everything I stitch seems to be a major project.

I'm leaving Sunday morning for San Diego for a week, so I hope to get some stitching done in the evenings after class time (computer stuff). I hope I can keep up in class so that I won't have to do much reviewing at night. I'm looking forward to the trip, tho I will miss my family!!!

Speaking of family, Alana is 6.5 weeks old now and grinning regularly at her mom and dad. I can hardly wait to see a grin meant just for Grandma! I can't resist showing off my favorite picture of her!


Von said...

Morning, Con! I stitched some on the second orny last night - turning out real cute :) Will have to start ordering those charms, a couple at a time probably at those prices, lol!
Alana looks like she wants to talk to you, Gramma!! I know she'll have a very special smile for you soon. I received two kisses from Hans yesterday - he's very frugal with his kisses, so two is hitting the jackpot!
Have a great time in SD - will you be taking a laptop down with you from work? If so, we'd love to hear about all the sunshine you're soaking in :)

Amy Sue said...

Grandma-she's also had her first official cooing session, with her daddy-where they were cooing back and forth. She coos every now and then when she smiles with me, but no back and forth talking yet. She's so cute! You'll have plenty of time to see her smile tomorrow-when you get to spend all day with her before you go to San Diego! Yeah!