Saturday, December 10, 2005

Saturday Musings..

John and I slept in late this morning, it was close to 10 before we got up...very unusual for us. But such a nice treat. I cleaned and organized our bedroom and bath, and John did the dishes and vacuumed the house. Then I took Amy, without the baby, and we had our nails done and stopped for a latte at our coffee place. It's been a good day. John and I leave soon for my office Christmas Dinner...mmmh, prime rib I think. Of course any food is good when someone else does the cooking!!!

I've been busy this week trying to get into the Christmas mode. I actually got all the stocking stuffers purchased this week. I normally don't get that done until the 23rd, so I am feeling on top of things. Just wish the big presents were taken care of now. With working full time, I just don't have time to run all over town comparing prices and making decisions. I need one store, a good list, and even better prices. I have a place in mind. Hope I can take care of everyone there.

In the background I can hear the television...Dorothy is singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. They must have the Wizard of Oz on tonight. We bought a great Christmas DVD this week, the Polar Express. Amy and Max watched it a couple weeks ago and said we MUST see it. It is very good. We are also looking forward to going to the theatre and seeing Chronicles of Narnia. Alli and Chris saw it last night and said it is fantastic. Lizzie and I have tickets to see The Nutcraker Ballet next Saturday afternoon. It has been about 11 years since I have been to the Nutcracker, so I am looking forward to it.

Well, as Thea said in the comments of my last post, we no longer have snow, but it has been very cold. If there were any moisture to come down, it would be snow. I am longing for the warmth of Hawaii!!!

Here is a picture of John and I with Alana this week! LOL. I am a besotted grandmother! until next time....


Von said...

Hi Connie! Sounds like Saturday was a wonderful day!!
It's 12 degrees here this morning, but the sun is peeking through so I don't mind until I go out to warm up the XP! I'm really using those seat warmers!!
Happy Sunday to all of you :)

AnneS said...

You're welcome to some of our sun - I'm happy to trade for a bit of the cold ... perhaps if we mix the two together, we'd have a nice temperate day for both of us ;) Sounds like you've been having a wonderful week - hope you enjoy the Nutcracker ballet :) And good luck with the Christmas shopping - that's why I moved away from my family to Australia ... to get out of Christmas shopping LOL. This year Mum is flying in from NZ to spend Christmas with me, which will be wonderful - daughters never get too old to love and appreciate their Mums ;)