Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Holiday Week musings....

We had a lovely Christmas. We are blessed with an ever enlarging family, and now our first Christmas with a grandchild. It was truly good. I decided to cut back on the actual number of gifts given this year, and concentrated on one "expensive" item (in other words, worth more than $50) per person. It was fun, as we had fewer gifts to open, so we took our time, and one person opened one gift and every one ooohh and ahhhed, then the next person, etc. I video taped the whole morning with my new DVD camera, and only realized later that I had no still photos of the morning, only movies!! I may have to try to capture a few frames on the computer for the memory books. Just need to figure out how!!! Then we joined the extended family at my parents house for dinner and more presents.

So I am taking this week off work. It is so nice to sleep late, and stay in my PJ's as long as I desire. My Christmas cards are churning off the printer as I type, and will be in the mail by this afternoon. So, actually, maybe they are New Years cards...but I am getting them done!!!

My granddaughter is coming to visit this afternoon. YES!!

I am leaving in two weeks for a weeks training in San Deigo. Computer training in San Diego. A week by myself in San Diego. Paid for by the credit union, in San Diego. Did I mention I get to go to San Diego? Not that I am excited or anything! Sunshine, blue sky and three needlework shops all in the same city!!! Is that heaven or what??? I hope to have a stash list when I come back! (of course, and know alot more about the computer stuff too!!)

I did find a couple of the Name Christmas trees by M designs in the Just Cross stitch ornaments magazine. Then there was a freebie on the website too, so I have three to choose from. I just need to get to a shop and find some good darker colored overdyes...everything in my stash is too light and spring like for a Christmas design.

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Von said...

Hi Con!! So good to hear about your Christmas with all the family, esp. that new granddaughter!! You'll have to get John into using the still camera while you operate the video :) Division of labor is a wonderful thing, lol!
I'm so jealous of your going to San Diego. I could use a little warmth and blue sky about now :)