Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Finishing Touches

Well, tonight we put the finishing touches on Alli's wedding dress...I stitched a little loop to pull up her train for the reception and snipped all the extra threads, tightened a few beads. I think that she is ready to go...even after the dress came back from the professional pressing, it still had a few wrinkles in it, and they hadn't tightened any of the beads. They had the dress for 4 weeks, and did not even begin the pressing until late afternoon of the day it was to be picked up. Alli was quite disgusted with the bridal shop and wanted to go wring some necks. I even had to wash a spot out of the front of the dress. Even with all that, she is going to be a gorgeous bride. I went to the store and bought a steamer so that we can do the last minute wrinkles. It's all happening so quickly now.

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