Thursday, August 25, 2005


What I miss most about not working part time any longer is that I no longer have the space or time to be reflective, to pray, to study and learn, to process, and come to terms with what is going on in my life. I am finding Monday through Friday is a constant whirl of activity, with hardly a chance to breath. I hope that after the wedding that things will quiet down enough to connect with the inner me again. I am so much happier and at peace when I can take the time for "me". So it is off to work.


Von said...

I think after the wedding your life will be more peaceful and you will adjust to the new demands on your time. I've found that prayer and study has taken other forms through the years. No time for prayer closet time, even tho I'm not out in the workforce, but as my mind wanders during household chores, and especially when I tend my flowers, my thoughts naturally turn to prayers of petition and thanksgiving. And the internet has provided me with my Bible "reading" many times. Still, it's always a struggle.

BTW, the font you chose for today's entry is kinda small and hard to read :)

anneke said...

Hi Connie, you have exactly the same name as my sister, so that called me to react. Your life is changing indeed, but I think it will be great to be a grandparent. Though my eldest is 14 years of age, I can imagine it will be great to enjoy her children!...
good luck with work, wedding and stitching.